Lightning arrester is to prevent the equipment from being struck by lightning through modern electricity and other technology. It mainly absorbs lightning energy in lightning arresters through graphite flake lightning arrester, Zinc Oxide varistor lightning arrester and gas discharge tube lightning arrester. The main use of the graphite clearance arrester is the continuous discharge in multilayer gap. The discharge gap in each layer is insulated from each other. This laminated technology not only solves the problem of the continuous flow but also discharges the layer by layer, thus increasing the flow ability of the product itself. Advantages: discharge current can reach 50KA (actual measured value), leakage current is small, no flow current and no arc. Disadvantages: high residual pressure and slow reaction time.
XRD graphite offer special graphite slice for lightning protector, surge protector and surge protector,is the founders and leaders of lightning protection industry. Graphite slice‘s material of clearance type lightning arrester adopts imported high-purity isostatic graphite material. It can cut out graphite pieces with a diameter of 1mm and up to hundreds of millimeters, and can be customized.
Lightning protector graphite slice, also known as surge graphite slice, SPD graphite slice, electric base mill, DJS piece, mainly used for clearance and no gap lightning arrester.
The basic features of the lightning protector graphite slice are:
1. Graphite material has good conductivity, discharge performance and flow capacity.
2. Good thermal stability, low residual pressure and fast response time.
3, Strong resistance of graphite materials has fundamentally improved the performance of lightning arresters.
4. The thermal stability is good, and the circuit is fully protected.
5, with the power status indication, indicating the working state of surge protector.
6. The structure is strict and the work is stable and reliable.