XRD Graphite Manufacturing Ltd is a Chinese company that can supply large quantities of stable quality graphite products to customers with graphitization or graphite machining needs.
We have more than 25 years of experience in the development, production and processing of the graphite industry and more than 100 skilled engineers, from the research and development of graphite materials to the precision processing of graphite parts, as well as the graphitization and purification of related products, our high quality technical team can provide you with professional solutions. We have a proud record of meeting the precision requirements for a significant list of valuable customers. To date, XRD Graphite has forged lasting relationships with key customers in over 30 countries and be considered as one of the leading supplier of graphite manufacturing and machining products in China.
Based on the core values of “Teamwork,Responsibility,Integrity,Execution,Passion”, XRD Graphite is to constantly provide superior customer service while delivering stable quality graphite products in mass production. Some of our product and service offerings include:
Graphite Material : Molded Graphite, Vibration Graphite, Isostatic Graphite, etc.
Custom Graphite Parts:Bearings, Vanes, EDM graphite, Crucibles, Molds, Ingots, Plates, Rods And Tubes, etc.
Graphite Machining: Material Selection, Product Design, Machining Services, Technical Support & Customer Service, etc.
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As a graphite manufacturing company, XRD has been focusing on the design, development, manufacturing and precision machining of graphite materials for more than 20 years. It has accumulated numerous praises in nearly 30 countries.
In recent years, with the strengthening of human environmental awareness and the development of energy technology, the demand for graphite materials in the smelting industry and the battery industry has been increasing, and the supply of high-end graphite products is still in a very tight state.
Graphite machining is a difficult process, so it’s important that you connect with a company that really knows what it’s doing. Since being established, we are committed to deliver high quality products and excellent services at a fair price and in a timely manner as required by our valued customers. Our mission is to motivate employees to act like owners, to exceed customers’ exceptions and partner with them to ensure their success.
We hope that XRD will not only a company that provides high quality products and services, but more importantly through our ethical conduct, diversity and our employees’ idea and energy in daily performance of its business, to make XRD graphite to be a top class graphite supplier, contribute to the “global environment” and “world peace”, and finally achieve the goal of achieving the happiness of all mankind.
Thank you for your support and look forward to your continued attention and encouragement.

Mr Zhao

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XRD Graphite is a graphite manufacturer with self production line and facilities to machine required products.

Certified Engineers

XRD Graphite have experts with over 25 years experience in the graphite/carbon industry. We’ve also utilize our CAD designers and qualified technicians with years of graphite experience to produce consistent graphite products to meet your needs.


XRD Graphite can convert design files in CAM and be able to machine graphite parts upto Tolerance+/- 0.02mm.


CAD/CAM Teams: XRD Graphite accepts a wide range of CAD files and can also import 3D files into design software for design verification. Prototypes and samples can be provided to confirm designs and details prior to mass production.

Quality Control

XRD Graphite maintains the high standards than customer set, the quality control staff is inspected parts and keep records for every batch for every order. In order to maintain reproducibility, we have standard process documents on every graphite parts we’ve produced.


We speak fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. If you have any urgent part/component requests, you can either contact us directly by phone or if you prefer email.