We believe in our people. It’s also our responsibility to train and develop our employees, so they acquire the skill-set to explore their potential.

1、External Training
We carry out a number of training for our employees, believing that these training courses enhance the participants skills and improve their productivity within the workplace.
Our external Training Course including, but not limited to:

  • Quality Control Management
  • Manufacturing Production and Operations Management
  • 6S
  • Advanced Machining
  • Sales Management
  • Executive Power
  • Manufacturing Logistics
  • Financial Management for Manufacturing Company

2、Internal Training
Our internal training course uses real-life examples from XRD Graphite that employees encounter every day at work. It’s also presented in the language and terminology that different department of employees can understand and relate to. We believe this develops the skills and knowledge of the participants.
Apart from cost-effective, internal training is also effective and encouraged. The training facilitator remains available daily to participants and 100% understand company culture and core value .
Our external Training Course including, but not limited to:

  • Company Appreciation Course
  • Product Introduction
  • Machine Shop Health and Safety
  • Communication Skills
  • Quality Inspection Course
  • CNC Machining Operations

3、Mentoring and Coaching
Our Mentoring and Coaching program is mainly held in Sales and Manufacturing Departments. Employees are paired with mentors from the senior level (3 year+). These mentor agree to commit at least two years to shape up their careers and skill.

  • Cost reduction due to our ‘right first time’ philosophy
  • A motivated workforce with best practice skills