XRD Graphite invited safety auditors training Health& Safety

Incidents can happen anywhere, from office site to factory floor. They can happen to anyone, from employees or visitors. Safety In an effort to improve workplace safety, XRD Graphite invited safety auditors from Baofeng Safety Training Center to gave us an enhanced version Health& Safety training course. During the training course, the auditors encourage our…

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Graphite machining supplier

How to choose a graphite machining supplier

With the development of the times and the progress of the society, the so-called “specializing in” require the professional work is left to the professional people.Equipment manufacturers should generally focus on functional R&D design, assembly and commissioning, and graphite machining should be handed over to a dedicated factory. Choosing the right graphite machining supplier is…

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Graphite Materials

The Applied Research of Graphite Materials in the Tire Mold EDM

Results of the advantages of graphite materials for the tire mold EDM based on the analysis of graphite electrode materials performance and characteristics , and there are different processing results with different graphite materials after the comparison test which a variety of grades of graphite are used in the actual EDM of tire molds. In…

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Graphite conduct

The influences of artificial graphite on the performance of automobile brake materials

D465 car brake pads with different content of artificial graphite were prepared using dry powder metallurgy mixing and mould pressing. Through the LINK inertia bench test,the effects of artificial graphite on the friction material performance were studied. The results show that the artificial graphite has a little influence on physical and mechanical properties of friction…

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graphite materials

High resolution microstructure analysis of graphite materials

In this paper,the microstructures of ordinary-electrode graphite and three-high graphite were studied by high resolution transmission electron microscopy(JEM - 3010). The existing forms of carbon and the relationship between different organizations were observed,and constituency electron diffraction (SAED) and high resolution images (HREM) were analyzed. The results show that the graphite material organizational structure is relatively…

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Graphite Ceramic Coatings

Preparation of Graphite Ceramic Coatings

Graphite and its composite materials which exhibited excellent physical and chemical properties in the metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, aerospace and other fields are widely used. With the continuous development of science and technology, we put forward higher requirements on the performance of graphite materials. The graphite materials are easily oxidized in the high temperature oxygen atmosphere…

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