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As a graphite manufacturer and graphite machining company with more than 25 years experience’s experts team, XRD Graphite is your best choice for graphite machining company. We provide various machining such as large size or precision machining service of graphite and carbon. such as boats, crucibles, continuous casting dies, fixtures, heating elements, blocks, rods, plates, rings, sheets and other graphite parts or products.
We are facilitated to machine most graphite shapes and sizes to meet your different requirements.We understand quality, cost control and precision result are key requirements for our customers . Therefore, XRD graphite will do our best to deliver quality carbon & graphite products and offer the best service. Our highly skilled machinists will make sure your products can be accurately machined. Our graphite production lines ensure stable supply and quality control all the way.

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High Difficulty machining

  • Thin-wall machining
    We can successfully perform challenging thin-wall machining work by optimizing jigs and machining methods.
  • 3D machining
    We prepare a 3D model based on drawings and write programs to manufacture the desired product. Upon request, we are also able to measure an actual product and produce items based on the actual dimensions.
  • Special internal-diameter machining
    We can perform special, internal-diameter machining work to make monolithic items without cutting the workpiece into sections.

Other machinings

  • Fabrication of larger parts
    Large rings, tubes, chimneys, susceptors and retorts are being fabricated from smaller parts. This unique staved design eliminates the need for large diameter feeder stock which often has long lead times.
  • Sectional machining
    We can perform sophisticated machining tasks such as ensuring that there are no gaps (no light leakage) between mating surfaces, as required in sectioned products used in compressor piston rings and similar applications.
  • Porous materials
    We are able to precision-machine very demanding porous items quickly.

Inspection & Quality Control

XRD Graphite is certified by ISO9001:2015, Our graphite products are tested in accordance with international, national and industrial standards. The equipment has a three coordinate measuring instrument with precision of up to 0.02mm, bending resistance, compression resistance, and shore hardness testing instruments.
The company actively constructs the enterprise quality management system, and carries out the perfect quality inspection. It has four functions: gatekeeping, prevention, reporting and improvement. Commonly used testing standards are as follows:

  • Size check: according to customer drawing requirements or national standard tolerance value table.
  • Shore hardness test.
  • Flexural strength test.
  • Quantity.
  • Packing.
  • Weight.
  • Assembly.
quality control