Vacuum Furnace

Graphite Products for Vacuum Furnaces

XRD Graphite provides a wide range of graphite materials and components to the vacuum furnace industry, such as ball swivels, bolts and connectors, feed throughs, fixturing, furnace linings, hearth rails, heating elements and heat shields, increase the performance of our customers’ systems and processes in a wide range of applications and industries. Need Help With…

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Graphite Products for Semiconductor

For many processes in semiconductor production, compo-nents made from specialty graphites are indispensable, e.g. in crystal growing or subsequent finishing by epitaxy, ion implantation or plasma etching, and also in the production of LED chips. This is because the processes usually operate at very high temperatures and in an extremely corrosive environment: at the same…

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Graphite Products for Photovoltaic

For the production of multicrystalline and monocrystalline silicon, the most important raw material in the production of solar cells in the photovoltaic industry. XRD Graphite continues to develop and supply quality essential components based on new specialty graphite materials that will offer signifcantly improved performance for the highly sensitive process of crystal growth. These include…

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