For many processes in semiconductor production, compo-nents made from specialty graphites are indispensable, e.g. in crystal growing or subsequent finishing by epitaxy, ion implantation or plasma etching, and also in the production of LED chips. This is because the processes usually operate at very high temperatures and in an extremely corrosive environment: at the same time, high purity and absolute precision are required.For the challenging processes of semiconductor production, we offer reliable solutions with specialty graphite.
Our portfolio includes heaters, support crucibles, heat shields, and insulating components for many single crystal growing processes, such as the Czochralski (CZ) process, the sublimation or physical vapor transport method (PVT), and the heat exchange method (HEM). We also supply susceptors for silicon epitaxy and MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor depositi-on) reactors. Our components are normally manufactured to individual requirements. In addition, we assist our customers in planning, design, and operational optimization.

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